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Results Oxford German Olympiad 2020

Oxford German Olympiad 2020:


The winning entries

(for the results of Round 2 please click here)

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Note: some links lead to external webpages (YouTube, Soundcloud etc.) or downloadable files.


Years 5 and 6 (age 9-11):

Design a robot and label its parts, and write what it can do.

Winner: Molly Gibbons
Runner-up: Shraddha Gopalakrishnan
Commended (joint): Daisy Roberts
Commended (joint): Maisie McCormick
Commended (joint): Zachary Bosworth

Draw a picture of your home city, town or village from a Vogelperspektive - bird's eye view. Label the things the bird is most interested in.

Winner: Jugaad Dhesi
Runner-up: Edward Braybrook

You're going to set up a community on Mars - draw your spaceship and the fifteen most important things to take, and label them.

Winner: Bridget Adoma Amoah Fetua
Runner-up: Matilda O'Connor
Highly commended (joint): Eeshana Amit Naik
Highly commended (joint): Dhruv Murarka
Commended: Darcey Meredith

Years 7 to 9 (age 11-14):

Create a poster explaining Klimawandel.

Winner (joint): Ebrar Aygin
Winner (joint): Vidip Sahoo
Winner (joint): Jemima Richmond-Caunt and Tilly Borthwick
Runner-up (joint): Eesha Patel
Runner-up (joint): Tabitha Prosser Wrench
Runner-up (joint): Hanna Szendroi and Maya Roy-Romani

Find out about Ötzi, the Tyrolean Iceman. What technical invention would he choose to take back to his community if he could time-travel? Draw Ötzi with a speech bubble explaining his choice, and illustrate and describe the invention.

Winner (joint): Emma Wilkins
Winner (joint): Ruby Carpente, Amika Piplapure and Rolake Ilori
Runner-up (joint): Helen Litaba
Runner-up (joint): Lara Fox
Runner-up (joint): Madeleine Stevens, On Bong Tsui, Louis Thilo and Martin Ludden

Create a blogpost on a topic of your choice, with 3-5 photos taken by yourself, for a German-language online conservation magazine.

Winner: Thomas Garside
Runner-up: Thomas Wendorff
Highly commended: Alfie Beston
Commended: James Braybrook

Years 10 and 11 (age 14-16):

"Ein Tag ohne Technik" - Write a story or create a video or website on this theme.

Winner (joint): Charlotte Yan
Winner (joint): Harry Burke, Alice Groth, Yasmina Rahimi and Elisabeth Salmon
Runner-up: Harriat Bishop
Highly commended (joint): Sanjana Iyer
Highly commended (joint): anon.
Commended: Abha Bhole

Paint or draw a landscape in the style of Caspar David Friedrich and write about the work of art that inspired it.

Winner: Tahmid Azam
Runner-up: Lukas Schleiter-Nielsen
Highly commended: Emily Dicker
Commended: Theodor Salmon, Avinash Biersack, Tanguy Wache and Rory Sampson (Part 1, Part 2)

"Machen wir unsere Erde unbewohnbar?" Write a dialogue between two people who disagree about the answer.

Winner: Kacper Surdy (Part 1, Part 2)
Runner-up: Tim Weber, Louis Waché, Oscar Price-Nowak and Jacques Antignac
Highly commended: Eleanor Voak
Commended: Simone Ireland

Years 12 and 13 (age 16-18):

"Klimawandel - was können Jugendliche tun?" Plan a conference for 16-18 year olds including the advertisement and programme with keynote lectures and topics for roundtable discussion.

Winner (joint): Anna Atherstone
Winner (joint): Elizabeth Nandra
Runner-up: Alissa Sattentau and Cecilia Baldauf-Clark

"Vorsprung durch Technik - Rückschritt für die Natur?" Write a blogpost or create a video with this title.

Winner (joint): Scarlett Pitt
Winner (joint): Nihindu Weerasinghe, Harrison Moore and Alexander Robson
Runner-up: Freddie Evans
Highly commended: Luke Pearson
Commended: Imogen Barnes

Record yourself giving a presentation on "Fahrerloser Verkehr - Utopie oder künftige Wirklichkeit?" or "Techno-Pop - Typisch deutsch?" .

Winner: Min Jie Guo

Open Competition for Groups or Classes (4+ participants)

Create a film or PowerPoint presentation with the title "Amazonas in Gefahr".

Winner: Jack Jones, Matthew Stranex, Francis Lee and Reuben Bye
Runner-up: Malaika Adlung, Hannah Uhlig, Friederike Uhlig, Marlene Von Stackelberg and Alexandra Jones Bauer
Highly commended: Isaac Thomas, Aidan Groth, Thomas Kasar, Jakob Sinai, Roshan Jeevan, Isaac Moriarty and Gergely Gal
Commended: Katie, Lily, Eleanor and Essi

Write and illustrate a short book for children about a migrating bird.

Winner (joint): Jasmine Phibbs, Jacob Coughlan and Max Bussenschutt
Winner (joint): Scarlett Grogan, Francesca Evans, Kirina Wittlich Triebow and Charlotte Green
Highly commended (joint): Daniel Hohmann, Jack Harrington, Thomas Crowther and James McGraw.
Highly commended (joint): Anwen and Elli
Commended (joint): Rachel Kakozi
Commended (joint): David Percival, Harry Voudras, Joseph Poulsom, Hayden Parsonage and Kane Swan

"Ein Roboter in der Schule!" - Create a video or song about a robot designed for helping with practical tasks in your school.

Winner: Daniel Burkert-Burrows, Linus Theodor Hesjedal, Carl Max Schoenfeld and Jens Matthiesen
Runner-up: James Grace, George Nicholson, Aashish Reddy, Abbi lepley and Lottie Needle
Commended: Maria Achim, Charlotte Jefferson, Cassia Ellement and Mae Baker-Tuxworth

Discover German - Taster Competition (1-3 participants with no prior experience of studying German)

Years 7 to 9: Find 10 inventions from German-speaking countries and the German word for each invention. Film yourself saying the German and the English word for each of your 10 examples.

Winner: Róisín Mitchell
Runner-up: Zara Freeman, Sophia Darling and Eloghene Ikeneku
Highly commended: Olivia Hillman, Sage Alakija and Amy Withers
Commended (joint): Tabitha Grist, Elizabeth Moreland and Amelia Reis
Commended (joint): Bo Griffiths, Zara Chikeluba and Poppy Richards



Comments by attendees of our virtual prizegiving ceremony on 13 May 2021

From an Olympiad participant:

"I just attended the prizegiving ceremony, and I just wanted to say it was fantastic and I loved seeing all the different entries.

I did the White Rose Project question last year in year 13, and I now study Experimental Psychology! Still trying to keep up with my German.

Last year I found the competition to be so fun. It definitely gave me something to do during the pandemic."


From an Olympiad participant's parent:

"Thank you for organising the ceremony yesterday. It worked very well and was really enjoyable (although not quite the Bodleian!). We particularly enjoyed the live fanfares and the occasional drum rolls!"


From a teacher:

"It was great to see so much creative work in German. I hope we can enter future competitions as it really does add to the students' experience of the language in a very positive way."



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