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Results of Oxford German Olympiad 2020: Round 2

Oxford German Olympiad 2020:



(for the results of Round 1 please click here)

Click on the names below to see the winning entries!
Note: some links lead to external webpages (YouTube, Soundcloud etc.) or downloadable files.

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Write a blog post (max. 350 words) or create a video (max. 4 minutes) on one of the following topics, or invent your own: "Der taube Komponist", "Beethoven und die Französische Revolution", "Rock mit Beethoven".
Alternatively write a review of a real or fictional Beethoven concert (max. 350 words).

Winner: Anna Vines
Runner-up (joint): Elaina Ough
Runner-up (joint): Dhruval Soni
Runner-up (joint): Siobhan Williams
Highly commended (joint): Oscar Colliar
Highly commended (joint): Allie Gruber
Highly commended (joint): Sankavi Manoharan
Highly commended (joint): Philip Mortimer
Commended (joint): Karthika Vijeyanandaraja
Commended (joint): Katherine Collier
Commended (joint): Shona Lally


The White Rose Project Writing Competition

The winning essay will also be featured on the White Rose Project website.

Find out about the White Rose resistance group (die Weiße Rose) and write an essay in German (max. 350 words): „Was können wir heute noch von der Weißen Rose lernen?“

Winner: Philip Mortimer
Runner-up (joint): Edward Maher
Runner-up (joint): Pearl Young
Highly commended (joint): Ben Bagley
Highly commended (joint): Alexandra Hedstrom-Blake
Highly commended (joint): Irmak Lal Dyonmez
Commended (joint): Imogen Barnes
Commended (joint): Caitlin Bond
Commended (joint): Shona Lally
Commended (joint): Elenor Vockins


The White Rose Project Translation Competition
Writing Resistance - ‘Flugblattentwurf von Christoph Probst’ (1943)

1. Produce a translation into English of the draft leaflet written by Christoph Probst in January 1943. Had it been completed and printed, it would have been the seventh leaflet produced by the White Rose group.

2. Write a commentary on the text (max. 400 words), in English or German,
referring both to the leaflet itself (its style and historical references) and your approach to translating it.

Winner: Jack Graveney







Camden House Book Proposal:

Competition open to postgraduates and early-career researchers at a UK or Irish university
Prize: £250 and consideration for publication with Camden House.

Task: Submit a book proposal for a book that would fit the profile established by Camden House in German studies. 

In association with Camden House

Winner: Hanja Daemon for her proposal "The German film industry under British control 1945-1949".










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