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Results Oxford German Olympiad 2021

Oxford German Olympiad 2021:


The winning entries

(for the results of Round 2 please click here)

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Note: some links lead to external webpages (YouTube, Soundcloud etc.) or downloadable files.


Years 5 and 6 (age 9-11):

1. You are packing your suitcase for a hiking trip in the Alps. Draw the 12 most important items to take on your trip and label them.

Winner (joint): Temilola Solademi
Winner (joint): Tommy Smyth
Runner-up: Leo Jones
Highly Commended: Ting-Kai Pai
Commended (joint): Cassius Pennington
Commended (joint): Isaac Downton

2. Find an animal, a flower and a tree that live in the Alps and draw or paint them. Give each one 4 labels.

Winner: Rebecca Knight
Runner-up: Harry Wick
Highly commended (joint): Beatrice Pugsley
Highly commended (joint): Odhran Grant

3. Design your own "Schlitten" and draw yourself racing down the mountains to the valley. Include 10-12 labels in your picture.

Winner: Theodora Harwood
Runner-up: Lucien Salam
Highly commended: Danny Kim
Commended (joint): Thea Forrest-Biggs
Commended (joint): Yueyue Sui

Years 7 to 9 (age 11-14):

1. The “Raurakel“ (Austria), “Dahu” (Switzerland) or “Wolpertinger“ (Germany) are mythical creatures that, according to legend, live in the alpine regions. There are many different descriptions of these creatures. They are generally the size of a small mammal and have a body comprising various animal parts — for example wings, antlers, a tail, or fangs. They are often depicted as having legs of different lengths, which makes it easier for them to move on slopes. Draw or paint your own version of one of those mythical creatures in its alpine habitat and write a short text describing its main features.

Winner (joint): James Walk
Winner (joint): Harwin Victor Bharathy
Winner (joint): Charlotte Meredith
Winner (joint): Emma Wilkins
Winner (joint): Cara Garrow
Winner (joint): Oliver John
Runner-up (joint): Matilda Percy-Bowersox
Runner-up (joint): Kiana Rahimi
Runner-up (joint): Anastasia Bell
Runner-up (joint): Christopher George, Forhad Al Mahfuz
Runner-up (joint): Shrish Naicker
Highly commended (joint): Matilda Pearson
Highly commended (joint): Jayden Pettyfer
Highly commended (joint): Maria Tarazi
Highly commended (joint): Oscar Wisniecki
Highly commended (joint): Sophie Pickering
Highly commended (joint): Zoe Cripwell, Niamh Dorman
Commended (joint): Dalia Salim
Commended (joint): Klara Fazel
Commended (joint): Deema Mahmood
Commended (joint): Leanne Almssol
Commended (joint): Edward Braybrook
Commended (joint): Muhammad Anjum
Commended (joint): Soumyadeb De Sarkar
Commended (joint): Som Shah

2. Research what equipment alpine communities have developed over the centuries to get about in the snow. Draw three of them and write a short account of each.

Winner: David Wade
Runner-up: James Braybrook
Highly commended: Samuel Thomas
Commended (joint): Aman Chahal
Commended (joint): Oliver Tovarlaza

3. “Heidi” is a famous children’s story by the Swiss author Johanna Spyri, published in 1881. Draw a picture from her story and describe what is happening.

Winner: Philippa Knight
Runner-up: Rowan Edwards
Highly commended: Omorinsola Idowu
Commended (joint): Frederick Holmes
Commended (joint): Lulu Frisson

Years 10 and 11 (age 14-16):

1. From Hannibal crossing the Alps in 218 BC to the Gotthard Base Tunnel which opened in 2016, the Alps have always presented a challenge to travellers. Write a (fictional) account of someone making the crossing in the form of a diary entry, blogpost or magazine article.

Winner (joint): Lukas Schleiter-Nielsen
Winner (joint): Emily Dicker
Runner-up (joint): Dia Nafis
Runner-up (joint): Abby Chennells
Highly commended (joint): Amish Singh
Highly commended (joint): Jemima Joyce
Commended (joint): Catherine Vos
Commended (joint): Liv Goldreich

2. Tell the story of a mountain rescue involving a dog, using one or more real stories as inspiration.

Winner: Adam Bosompem
Runner-up: Hannah Barlow
Highly commended (joint): Catrina Parton, Francesca Betz
Highly commended (joint): Nicolo Venturino

3. “Schweizerdeutsch“ (Swiss German) or “Schwiizerdütsch” is spoken in some alpine regions of Switzerland and the North of Italy. Find a short audio or video example and try and repeat it. Record yourself on video with a brief introduction and submit the recording together with a link to the original example.

Winner: Arvin Max Egli
Runner-up: Omobolaji Olufemi
Highly commended: Ray Keemer

Years 12 and 13 (age 16-18):

1. “Alpentourismus vs. Naturschutz“ Plan a conference for 16-18 year olds including the advertisement and programme with keynote lectures and topics for roundtable discussion.

Winner: Ruby Cain
Runner-up: Joseph Robinson
Highly Commended: Lydia Metaxa

2. Create an informative leaflet about "Gletscherschmelze".

Winner: Lilly Hong
Runner-up (joint): Alex Mortimer
Runner-up (joint): Meg Rogers

3. Write an essay or video yourself giving a lecture on the following topic: „Was wissen wir über Ötzi?”

Winner: Allie Gruber
Runner-up (joint): Janna Yoong
Runner-up (joint): Jun Wha Shin
Highly commended: Rosie Evans
Commended (joint): Leah Whiting
Commended (joint): Tara Webb

Open Competition for Groups or Classes (4+ participants)

1. Create a website for tourists about a fictional village in the Austrian or German Alps

Winner: Ruby Reyhani, Anita Balestri, Beatriz Prado James, Leonor Santovito, Lusia Stancheva
Runner-up: Matthew Stranex, Jack Jones, Rupert Hill, Sophia Baker

2. Find out about "Almauftrieb" and "Almabtrieb". Write and illustrate a children's book about two dairy cows that spend their summer in the mountains.

Winner (joint): Natasha Burke, Ingrid Sheldon, Florence Thomas, Amelia Griffith
Winner (joint): Savannah Shepstone, Noah Orvain Dye, Uma Sharma, Sarah Klantschnig

3. Create an online exhibition about what life in the Alps was like for people in the past.

Winner: Niamh Walsh, Bethan Hopkins, Darcey Manning, Mira Kondorosi


Discover German - Taster Competition (1-3 participants with no prior experience of studying German)

Years 5 and 6: Find out what the following German words mean and draw a picture including all these items, each with a label:
der Berg, die Sonne, die Wolke, der Vogel, der Baum, die Blume, das Haus, der Hund, die Kuh, das Murmeltier.

Winner: James Latham and Oliver Latham
Runner-up: Eugénie Dearmer

Years 7 to 9: Draw or paint a picture of a village in the Alps and label 10 things in it.

Winner: Cormac Mitchell
Runner-up: Hiranur Ulas




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