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Results Oxford German Olympiad 2022

Oxford German Olympiad 2022: DER RHEIN

The winning entries

We are happy to report that for our 10th Oxford German Olympiad we received a record number of entries. Our panel of judges found it extremely hard to pick the winners from such a vast amount of fantastic entries. A big thank you to all participants and their teachers for making this our most successful Olympiad yet!

Click on the names below to see the winning entries!
Note: some links lead to external webpages (YouTube, Soundcloud etc.) or downloadable files.


Years 5 and 6 (age 9-11):

1. Draw a picture of a barge on the Rhine. Label the 12 most important items.

Winner: Radin Nekouzad
Runner-up: Fox Davis
Highly Commended: Erin Madigan
Commended: Elliott Rudkin
Commended: Sadie Booker
Special mention for creativity: William Kim
Special mention for creativity: George Randay

2. You are attending the "Basler Fasnacht" (carnival of Basel) or "Kölner Karneval" (carnival of Cologne). Design your costume and give your drawing or painting 10 labels.

Winner (joint): Alina Hayer
Winner (joint): Zoya Hayat
Winner (joint): Darlene Ackah-Yensu
Runner-up: Poppy Hickmott
Commended: Emily Farley
Commended: Greta Meier Garces
Special mention for creativity: Alice Stanton
Special mention for creativity: Francesca Aggarwal

3. Draw a comic strip of the Rhine and the places it flows through.

Winner: Emmanuel Aina
Runner-up: Benjamin Pierson
Highly commended (joint): Matthew Onochie-Oputa
Highly commended (joint): Drew Bowers
Highly commended (joint): Floyd Sivel-Dimond
Commended: Jacob Rowland


Years 7 to 9 (age 11-14):

1. Draw or paint a picture of creatures that live in and by the Rhine, and write a short text describing them.

Winner (joint): Ashvin Aravindan, Om Kuravinakop, Harwin Victor Bharathy, Arush Upadhye
Winner (joint): Dora Kennedy
Winner (joint): Thomas Howcroft
Winner (joint): Vasi Shah
Runner-up (joint): Yifan Luo
Runner-up (joint): Kunthavi Sitharthan Dharani
Runner-up (joint): Emily Hohmann
Runner-up (joint): Dilys Murcott
Highly commended: Max Fremantle
Highly commended: Ryan Wigneshweraraj, Nileeth Gwalla, Leo Gordon
Highly commended: Maxwell Alderson
Highly commended: Agnes Palmer
Commended: Miranda Betz
Commended: Millie Joerin
Commended: Hadi Elnasser
Commended: Isabelle Thomas

2. Write about a day in your life on Lake Constance (der Bodensee) in a prehistoric stilt house (Pfahlbau) - "Ein Tag am Bodensee in der Bronzezeit".

Winner: Rebecca Knight
Runner-up: David Wade
Highly commended: Agastya Singh and Monty Ward
Highly commended: Laila Sawni, Maya Shah, Rania Mashkoor, Sofia Jiwa
Commended: Lizzy Fillingham
Commended: Peter Rattay

3. Draw a scene from Heinrich Heine’s poem „Die Loreley“ and describe what is happening.

Winner (joint): Theo Pham
Winner (joint): Lila Nolan
Winner (joint): Srilakshmi Sen
Winner (joint): Elodie Goulds and Manha Rahman
Winner (joint): Faatima Saeed
Winner (joint): James Walk
Runner-up (joint): Yusra Ahmed and Zara Khan
Runner-up (joint): Sri Tanav Anisetty, Shobhit Jha
Runner-up (joint): Bibisha Sitaula, Lidia Kazi Mahin
Runner-up (joint): Fares Al Habal
Runner-up (joint): Fatimah Arfan and Dilasha Gurung
Commended: Aadi Kaneri
Commended: Aathitiya Maruthi
Commended: Addison Mountcastle
Commended: Anishka Arulnanthy
Commended: - entrant does not want to be mentioned by name -
Commended: Areeb Ahmed
Commended: Cameron Walsh
Commended: Dorcas Jaiyeola, Fejiro Omonake
Commended: Simran Mandir
Commended: Ryan Springer
Commended: Klara Fazel
Commended: Esme McCrum
Commended: Hannah Amankwah and Jarieu Jalloh
Commended: Haresh Raguram
Commended: Jeneba Jabbie


Years 10 and 11 (age 14-16):

1. “Rheingold”. Write a story or create a video inspired by the Nibelung treasure.

Winner: Arabella Chowns, Summer Spencer and Zoe Cripwell
Runner-up: Hannah Mansfield
Highly commended: Amelia Griffith, Flo Thomas and Margot Cowling

2. Create an online exhibition about the famous castles along the Rhine.

Winner: James Smyth
Runner-up: Jessica Cobbin
Highly commended (joint): Ethan Leung, Ben Lewis, Alex Royston and Leo White

3. Give a video presentation about the historical importance of the Rhine.

Winner: Ollie Nixon and Dari Vlahova
Runner-up: Jemima Richmond Caunt


Years 12 and 13 (age 16-18):

1. Wie sichern wir die nachhaltige Zukunft des Rheins?”. Plan a conference for 16-18 year olds including the advertisement and programme with keynote lectures and topics for roundtable discussion.

Winner: Mariella Jasper
Runner-up: Harriat Bishop

2. Write an essay, give a video presentation OR create a website on one of the following topics associated with places on the Rhine: "Hildegard von Bingen", "Die Geschichte des Zeppelins" OR "Der Kölner Dom".

Winner (joint): Anna Edbury
Winner (joint): Kate Hutton
Runner-up: Eleanor Parr
Highly commended: Alfie Bettison
Highly commended: Miranda Dreisin
Highly commended: Max Holden

3. Write an essay or video yourself giving a lecture on the following topic: „Schlagader Europas: Die Geschichte des Rheins".

Winner: Neil Sillence
Runner-up: Liv Goldreich

Open Competition for Groups or Classes (4+ participants)

1. Create a website for a Rhine river cruise.

Winner: Oscar Gloux, Victor Gloux, Ibrahim Sheikh and Daniel von Bronk
Runner-up: Faye Buckenmaier, Kai Wilson, Leila Ballan-Spence, Ik-Ishta Gill
Commended: Joshua Keay, Waheguru Singh, Hugo Dossett, Rohan Chowtee and Oliver Ciechacki

2. Write and illustrate a children's book about a cat living on a Rheinschiff (Rhine barge).

Winner: Anisha Lakshminarayanan, Millie Cheung, Esha Janjua, Judy Zou, Gabriella Noreikaite
Runner-up: Shivani Shree Kannan, Ishwa Nawaz, Jessica Igweonu, Yuvathi Srimurugan
Highly commended: Abigail Harrison, Cecily Morrogh, Jessica Lofthouse, Laetitia Nickols
Highly commended: Phoenix Moore
Highly commended: Princess Okonkwo, Suvetha Vijeyakumar, Priya Grewal, Heba Rahman
Highly commended: Abhina Sivakumaran, Ankita Joardar, Deborah Afolayan, Elizabeth Osazuwa, Gabriella-Osarugue Ogbomoide, Pirannavii Yoganathan
Commended: - entrants do not want to be mentioned by name -
Commended: - entrants do not want to be mentioned by name -

3. Create a graphic novel or a video featuring characters or storylines from the “Nibelungenlied”.

Winner: Martin Ludden,  Isaac Thomas, Isaac Moriarty, Roshan Jeevan, Jakob Sinai, Penelope Sorensen, Onbong Tsui
Runner-up: Niamh Walsh,  Alys Wood,  Meg Joyner,  Bethan Hopkins,  Mira Kondorosi
Highly commended: Benjamin Taskis, Sam Lee, Isaac Tarragano

Discover German - Taster Competition (1-3 participants with no prior experience of studying German)

Years 5 and 6: Find out what the following German words mean and draw a picture including all these items, each with a label:
der Fluss, das Ufer, die Brücke, das Haus, das Schiff, der Hügel, die Burg, die Fahne, der Fisch, die Nixe.

Winner: Anthony Hamilton
Runner-up: Eugénie Dearmer

Years 7 to 9: Draw or paint a picture of the whole Rhine and label the countries (in German), 10 cities and 10 things you would be likely to find in or along the river.

Winner: Tabitha Reeve
Runner-up: Beana Tsui


ROUND 2   

The White Rose Project: Resistance Leaflets
"The White Rose resistance circle wrote a series of leaflets calling on Germans to resist Nazism. Many of the leaflets include quotations, from plays, philosophy, and even a line from a song. Write a blog post in German (max. 350 words) about a quotation that inspires you. How might that quotation inspire others to make the world a better place?"

Winner: Niall Fitzgibbon
Runner-up (joint): Yamini Sivaraman
Runner-up (joint): Victoria Mckinley-Smith
Runner-up (joint): Mariella Jasper
Highly commended: Noah Dorn
Highly commended: Max Holden
Highly commended: Freddy Chelsom
Highly commended: Inga Kuliabina
Highly commended: James Abrahams





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