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Donations to the Oxford German Network


The Oxford German Network is an initiative of the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages of the University of Oxford, sponsored by Jesus College Oxford, Magdalen College School, Oxford, and BMW Group Plant Oxford. Its partners include a wide range of local schools of all types alongside organisations and companies from Oxfordshire and beyond.

The Oxford German Network is committed to encouraging language learning in younger age groups and providing incentives to take language learning beyond the framework of exams. It facilitates contact between individuals with similar interests in such areas as food, art, literature and music, and opens up pleasurable opportunities for communicating with people from another culture in their language.

The Oxford German Network is designed to act as a beacon for enhancing the profile of German across the UK. Learning German trains analytical skills, fosters disciplined working habits and enhances employability. It provides a pathway into different mentalities, a morally engaging perspective on history, and incentives for exploring German-speaking parts of Europe.

Donations to the Oxford German Network will contribute to funding a wide range of initiatives including the following:

  • Workshops
  • After-school clubs
  • Prizes for national competitions, and prize-giving events
  • Bursaries for travel to a German-speaking country or participation in an exchange
  • Work experience

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If you can help us to establish an internship or work experience with a particular German company in the UK or in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, please contact us.

If you are interested in contributing to the funding of graduate studentships, language teaching or lectureships in German, please contact us.