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Learners - AS & A Level

Learners - AS - A Level

The following links are recommended for teachers and learners of German at A level. If you have any further recommendations, do let us know.


Mission Berlin – Learn German with Crime Stories

This radio production of a crime novel in a bilingual format introduces language-learners to German culture and helps them with everyday German. Includes supplementary learning material.

Goethe-Institut London: AS/A2 Level Materials

Useful links to German-language websites on subjects relating to German society and culture, with a specific focus on AS/A2 Level content. Also has a forum and information service for students needing help with research.

Medienwerkstatt Online – Wissenskarten

Free short online information sheets on a variety of topics, including Germany and German culture.

Why study languages? (Routes into Languages)

Advice, ideas and activities aimed at pupils aged 11+, parents and teachers for encouraging language learning at home and at school, as well as exam revision tips.

Young Germany

An online magazine and newsletter providing career services, information and insider tips for young people living in Germany.


An online daily magazine aimed at young people and published by the Süddeutsche Zeitung.


An online magazine aimed at 16-22 year olds, containing informative features on current German cultural and political issues.


Learning Vocabulary

Learning Vocabulary is key to getting to grips with German, and there are now a number of online tools to make this easier – and more fun!

The Goethe-Institut offers a vocabulary trainer app.

On the Study Stack website, you can test yourself on existing sets of virtual flashcards and even build your own set – particularly useful for testing yourself on words you’ve recently learnt.

Anki is open-source (i.e. free) software for vocabulary learning, that comes highly recommended by Oxford undergraduates.