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Oxford German Olympiad 2013

Oxford German Olympiad 2013

Networking in German - Competition for Years 7 to 13

Competition now closed!

Click here for the full list of Olympiad winners.

As part of the Oxford German Olympiad 2013, the Oxford German Network ran a competition that was open to all learners of German from years 7 to 13 inclusive.

OGN invited pupils to send us their idea for a networking activity that would provide an effective and enjoyable German language learning experience.

The following suggestions served as a guide for entrants:

  • ways of networking learners of German with each other, or with German native speakers
  • interactive classroom teaching ideas
  • an idea for an online game or app for developing German language skills or cultural awareness

Entries were to be one page of A4 presenting the idea. It had to be written in German (150-200 words) and could include up to two images. It needed to explain how the activity works, what makes it effective, and what makes it enjoyable. It was not however necessary for the idea to have been tested.

The judges considered the quality of the idea and its presentation.


The Brothers Grimm

Grimm Tales: The Competition Texts

The tales collected by the Brothers Grimm have been told and re-told through the centuries, in numerous languages and versions. The four tales we are focusing on are ‘Hänsel und Gretel’, ‘Schneewittchen’, ‘Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten’ and ‘Das tapfere Schneiderlein’, and you can find a range of versions of these tales online. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

literaturnetz.org – German versions of the tales

grimmstories.com – the tales in several languages including German and English

www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/2591 – an e-book of an English translation of the tales

http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/5314 – an e-book of an English translation of the tales

You might also wish to read the tales as they were originally told by the Grimm Brothers – which give a great insight into the way the German language has developed since the early nineteenth century. These versions are available as downloads here:


Hänsel und Gretel




Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten


Das tapfere Schneiderlein

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