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Research Libraries in Germany

Research Libraries in Germany

Herzog August Library Wolfenbüttel



Founded in 1572, the Herzog August Library is one of the oldest libraries in the world, and one of the very few to have survived without sustaining any losses to its collections of European textual and visual sources from the early Middle Ages to the late eighteenth century. As an independent research institute it offers a broad range of programmes for guest scholars and interns, including work with the library’s collections of prints, engravings and rare books; book-buying at auction to augment the library’s seventeenth-century holdings (Sammlung Deutscher Drucke); conservation management; and digital editing.

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Interns gain insights into:

  • Manuscripts and special collections: Introduction to paleography, experience in in-depth cataloguing of manuscripts, experience in preparing exhibitions, work with the collections of prints and engravings.
  • Rare books/ conservation: Experience in in-depth cataloguing of rare books, experience in preparing exhibitions, assistance in a program of book-buying at auction to complement the library’s 17th-century holdings (Sammlung Deutscher Drucke), experience in conservation management
  • Digital editions, html/xml: Introduction to digital editing and current standards, instruction in html/xml, experience in text encoding
  • Research projects: Work experience in a current library or Forschungsverbund project (‘writers’ libraries’, ‘image politics’ or ‘text and frame’)