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Oxford German Olympiad 2016 Winners

Oxford German Olympiad 2016

Deutscher Humor - nichts zum Lachen?

Click on the links below to see the winning entries.

Years 5-6: Illustrate a Funny Phrase

Years 5-6: Design a Poster

Years 7-9: Comic Strip

Years 7-9: Write a Short Joke

Years 7-9: Design a Brochure

Years 10-11: Write a Review

Years 10-11: Write a Profile

Years 10-11: Write a Poem

Years 12-13: Short Film

Years 12-13: Write a Comic Story

Years 12-13: Write an Essay

Open Group: Comic Sketch

Open Group: Perform a Song

Photography: David Fisher


The Oxford German Network is grateful to the Association for Language Learning and the Independent Schools' Modern Languages Association for their support of the Oxford German Olympiad and to Oxford University Press, Camden House, Penguin Books, the Wiener Library, London, and the German Embassy for the donation of prizes for the Oxford German Olympiad.